Str8 to Gay: Liam and Duncan – Fucking his Girlfriend’s Brother

Liam Magnuson intends to do the right thing and ask his girlfriend’s father’s permission before he proposes marriage. Fortunately Duncan Black answers the door and Liam ends up doing the even righter thing: he fucks his girlfriend’s brother.

Drill My Hole: Prison Shower

Johnny Rapid, Sebastian Young and Jack King are mixed up in a hot prison gay sex scene. Here’s what they’re saying at Drill my Hole:

It’s been about a year since Johnny Rapid got his first taste of prison cock in an experience that left him a hardened criminal – hardened for more fucking! This time Johnny makes the first move and gets sucked, fucked & DP’d by security guards Sebastian Young and MEN.COM newcomer Jack King.

College Dudes: Hayden Richards Bust’s a Nut

College Dudes: Hayden Richards Bust's a Nut
College Dudes: Hayden Richards Bust's a Nut

Hayden Richards is a 22 year old stud from Colorado… What a sweet smile he’s got! Hayden strips down to reveal an amazing body, a hard, throbbing cock and a hot little bubble butt. Hayden is really proud of his ass – almost as much as he is proud of his cock! What a hottie!

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College Dudes: Hayden Wolfe fucks Carter Nash

College Dudes: Hayden Wolfe fucks Carter NashCollege Dudes: Hayden Wolfe fucks Carter Nash

Wow, what a scene!

If you’ve got time to only watch one video, then check this one out… We just love how Hayden fucks Carter’s mouth – now that’s a face-fucking blow job. And it gets better when Hayden fucks Carter’s ass, pulling in and out as if it’s a pussy. Totally hot.

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Benji & Neil’s Blowjobs at Fratmen Sucks

Benji & Neil's Blowjobs at Fratmen SucksBenji & Neil's Blowjobs at Fratmen SucksBenji & Neil's Blowjobs at Fratmen Sucks

Benji and Neil may be two of the shorter guys at the pad, but they’ve both got amazing, sculpted bodies and are packing some mesmerizing dicks! Neil starts soaking in the tub, running water over his giant chest and uncut cock. Benji walks by and decides to be Neil’s bath time buddy. It’s a little cramped for two people, but still very relaxing. Benji and Neil move close together, gently hugging and fully relaxed. Nothing could be better, except for a little bit of oral action. Both of our boys take turns sucking cock. Benji’s thick dick and Neil’s uncut cock get plenty of attention. They take it to the bed, where Neil cums on Benji’s bubble butt! It’s totally hot. Almost like when Neil shot his load directly into Wally’s mouth.

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Marc Dylan getting his hot butt fucked at Hot House

Marc Dylan getting his hot butt fucked at Hot HouseMarc Dylan getting his hot butt fucked at Hot House

Marc Dylan starts off his gangbang blindfolded. He has no idea who the guys are as they file in one at a time to smack his ass and shove their crotches in his face. When he takes off his mask he’s happy to see four of his favorite big-dicked studs: Brian Bonds, Jimmy Durano, Spencer Fox, and Kris Anderson. Dylan works his way around the pack giving each cock a juicy welcome. He starts with Bonds, a young redhead with a rock hard cock. Next he moves over to Durano’s thick Latin meat, followed by all-American Spencer Fox and his 8-inch battering ram. Finally Dylan reveals Anderson’s mammoth cock, a whopping 9×6 mouthwatering prize. Dylan proves he’s the right man for the job, sometimes even taking two of the huge dicks in his mouth at once… a real cock-sucker’s dream!

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Adriano Carrasco & Jay Roberts at Lucas Entertainment

Adriano Carrasco & Jay Roberts at Lucas Entertainment

Adriano Carrasco and Jay Roberts are two men who know how good looking they are, and they’re not going to deny it. With their lean, muscular frames, handsome faces, and bulging packages, these vacationing men are looking for the ultimate relaxation, and they’re going to give it to each other.

Adriano Carrasco & Jay Roberts at Lucas Entertainment

Horny Dude’s Naked Ass Pics

Horny Dude's Naked Ass Pics

Sexy amateur guys showing off their asses… Hot Pics!

Amateur Jocks in Ballcaps

Amateur Jocks in Ballcaps

Jocks in ballcaps… Naked jocks in ballcaps, that is… What could be hotter than that?

Check out these dudes. It’s all jocks and cocks!

Fratmen Sucks: Casey & Mick’s Steamy Shower

Fratmen Sucks: Casey & Mick's Steamy ShowerFratmen Sucks: Casey & Mick's Steamy Shower

Casey & Mick trade blowjobs during a steamy shower… Says:

At the beach house, Fratmen Casey and Mick decide to take a shower together outside. Both of their nude bodies are stunning. While washing each other, the water and suds gracefully run down their naked skin, dripping from their cocks. Before long, our boys decide to get dirty and trade blowjobs! Not wanting the fun to end outside, Casey and Mick ease their efforts until they dry off and head to the bedroom. There, lying together, our boys resume the fun. We get to see even more hot oral action between these studly jocks. It isn’t long before both Mick and Casey blow hot cum trails on their abs.

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Fratmen Sucks: Cole & Casey Trading Blowjobs

Fratmen Sucks: Cole & Casey Trading BlowjobsFratmen Sucks: Cole & Casey Trading Blowjobs

Casey and Cole put their muscles to work and trade blowjobs in a roomy bathtub. Says:

Fratmen Casey and Cole finally do a duo! This is a treat. Both Fratmen are hot muscle jocks who have looked amazing in past shoots. It is difficult to pick a favorite feature on these guys. When they are naked, we are treated to Casey’s smooth muscled body alongside Cole’s hairy body and fat dick. The video is amazing as these jocks jerk their dicks, trade blowjobs, and cum alongside each other!

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Cocksure Men: Cavin Knight Fucks Marc Dylan

Cocksure Men: Cavin Knight Fucks Marc DylanCocksure Men: Cavin Knight Fucks Marc Dylan

We love anything with Marc Dylan in it!

Check out’s description of this hot scene with Cavin fucking Marc Dylan:

Marc Dylan and Cavin Knight have stunning bodies with abs to die for. Of course they work out a ton so resting is important. Normally Marc would hate being awakened from a nap, but with Cavin whispering in his ear and groping him, he doesn’t mind at all. It’s off with the underwear and out with the cocks, with passionate kissing along the way. The guys take turns shoving their rock hard pricks down each others’ throats. Cavin eats Marc’s sweet hole, priming it for his stiff dick. Marc clasps at the bed, taking every inch of Cavin’s hard thrusts deep inside him. The action is intense between the two studs and Marc loves Cavin’s fast and furious pace. Cavin pulls out and sprays a huge, long load over Marc’s amazing chiseled body. Just moments later Marc shoots all over his own rock solid abs. Cavin quickly licks up Marc’s and his own cum off Marc’s rippled belly. They kiss and Marc can finally get some rest.

Fratmen Sucks: Ajay & Benji Do Bad Things

Fratmen Sucks: Ajay & Benji Do Bad ThingsFratmen Sucks: Ajay & Benji Do Bad Things

This is a hot scene. Check out all the sucking, stroking and massaging in the trailer below (click read more). Says:

We just had to pair stunning muscle jocks Ajay and Benji together for a little oral action. Ajay was especially happy to do this because he was able to visit the Pad and his new found friend Benji. This update is hot from the very beginning. Although Ajay and Benji haven’t spent a lot of time together, they both knew exactly what to do. It’s super hot to watch both of our muscle boys go down and suck each other’s cocks. You have to see it in its entirety. That’s not all though. This update has two stroking sessions where Benji and Ajay end up cumming on each other!

Fratmen Sucks: Benji & Terry’s Blowjobs

Fratmen Sucks: Benji & Terry's BlowjobsFratmen Sucks: Benji & Terry's Blowjobs

In this video, Benji and Terry blow off some spare time one afternoon and exchange blowjobs!

Here’s what Says:

Terry was in town for a little bit, and he decided to pay Benji a visit before he left Fratpad for the winter. Both of these guys aren’t entirely shy when it comes to sucking dick, so this update is a real treat. Benji and Terry find a relaxing, private spot where they can a little blowjob session between buddies. It’s pretty hot stuff as they help each other achieve full hard-ons. Benji and Terry take turns exchanging blowjobs before they both sit back on the couch and bust their loads.

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Straight Guy’s Monster Cocks

Straight Guy's Monster Cocks

A bunch of hot, amateur straight guys showing off their monster cock. If you like guys with big cocks, then check out these pics!